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Purposed towards the Global Service Industry 

The service industry, which contains both public and private companies evidences a common purpose, that of supporting the consumer, and of working towards an easier way to meet the expectations of customers, stakeholders, clients and more. The structure of a business matters, as well as its leadership. The new technique arose from our work, and is created to addresses the challenges of our consulting clients.

Business Goals and Objectives

Many things change over the life of a business, and of these things there are a six we believe that are best to focus upon. In real terms,  guiding the means to replicate success is a primary objective. With that in mind, we also believe the tool shows how systems thinking makes an impact in large companies, and is the essence of a long view. We also believe there is value in claiming the territory more specifically for your company.

Strategic Planning and Design Thinking

Cultivating a space for creative thinking is also valuable, as is developing the approach for a learning organization. A culture of performance and excellence are also significant. Both are part of reaching next levels of growth. Accomplishing more is only made possible with a space for thinking creatively, and innovating.

SMB and Enterprise, Fortune 1000

In today’s marketplace, there are unique challenges that each business must face. We hope this method shows there are certain ways a business can improve on important points. There are many methods that service companies use to increase sales or maximize growth, shown below. However we believe our method fills a gap in the consulting marketplace, including culture within the need for conducting leadership development and establishing organizational intelligence.

Boutique Management Consulting Firm

Addressing how your business uses social media, who your ideal customers, crafting a social media policy, having the discipline to meet your OKRs, each of these things are worth focusing on, but they also show the complexity of business. For any company with a reputation, our method offers value in considering the major levers of success. On the below post you can submit your answers in a form. As well there is a link for a form to print. Time to get out the pencil, and start thinking about your company's future. 

New Strategic Consulting Tool

Below we also present a brief review of strategic consulting tools. The first in a series of posts comparing the Strategic C.A.S.E. method with other consulting techniques, our further objective is to promote a discussion of tools used in the management consulting space. Next we touch on how our approach integrates with the focus of a learning organization.

Encouraging Systems and Org Learning

By showing what your business looks like, and defining your value more clearly, you will have a stronger means of doing business.  We know the job of the work of a manager is important, with the need to meet objectives at every level of the organization. So , with the scope of a manager's work  -  planning employee work and meetings, completing press junkets, board meeting and investor relations, and doing a speaking gig - it can become difficult to get an outside view of the company that adds value to service delivery, or the structure of the company, or asking key questions about performance. Therefore, our method is pointed towards the learning organization in particular.

Advancing Management Consulting Goals 

Indeed, there are many types of work completed across a corporation. Our method we hope inspires curiosity about concerns on leadership development and the organization in terms of people, talent, expertise and process. Our method also outlines the rules and meanings of the workplace, setting out to confront organizational culture. Finally, it may be worth considering how our set of questions can help companies looking to improve upon governance goals, or further meet key human resources objectives.

Strategic C.A.S.E. Method Six Questions

Print and Download the One Page Strategy System

You can access these questions by file to download, or print here.

6 Question Strategic Planning Tool

The Strategic C.A.S.E. Method

Strategic Consulting Tools Review

In the coming months we will further examine each of the following techniques and the ways in which corporate planning, leadership and governance are each part of growing and maintaining a business.

The SOSTAC Method by PR Smith

We were Inspired by the circular nature of PR Smith’s technique first published over a decade ago. In future, we will aim to show how our method is similar in intent. Including a time series, or via a season-based way of planning will be examined.

The Edelman Trust Barometer

Trust is a major factor for consumers. The Edelman Trust Barometer is a terrific annual study on global trust. Showing how to connect trust and policy in an organization is a significant aim of our work. As such we support building and developing trust for the company we work with, and in the way we work. 

The Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas

Know for his agility in drawing simple examples of business concepts, Alex Osterwalder and his company Strategyzer offer some of the world’s best resources for business and strategy planning. We have obtained certifications in the business and value proposition method.

Vern Harnish’s One Page Plan 

Growth goals expert Verne Harnish also has one of the most sophisticated sets of planning documents, through Gazelles. The goal of clarity his methods show is that the worl of management consultign is focus on intention as much as any method. Many Startups, SMEs and indeed businesses of all types can find advantages.

Metronome United

Shannon Byrne-Susko created the final method we would like to mention.  The Metronome United method is comprehensive, and integrates Verne Harnish's method, but adds much more value for long-term thinking. Overall, we believe switching between, and understanding additional methods is complementary and of value.

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