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Four Outcomes of the Strategic C.A.S.E. method

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In today’s discussion of the outcomes of effective planning, strategy and execution, we focus today on the four impacts of the Strategic C.A.S.E. method. For the companies we work with, we find the four impacts most significant to help the leaders as well as the organization to grow and create excellence and success. However, you might think, only four outcomes? As we will show, we believe these four outcomes are powerful on their own for business. As well, we show how the Strategic C.A.S.E. method shines as a unique tool to help leaders and companies both plan and accomplish critical goals for success.

New Benchmark for Strategic Planning

The technique produces a key deliverable in terms of strategic planning. On that point, it might now be worthwhile to go back to look at the one-page six-question strategy document. 

Works With and Without Existing Strategy

For Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses looking for tips and guides on improving their tactics and creativity, the one-page tool is a pivotal strategic document. On the other hand, for those businesses that lack a business or strategic plan, our technique offers a useful starting point.

The Strategic C.A.S.E. Method

Each of the two previous articles examine the method and how it offers the means to benchmark a company in a place and time and create an easy to consume item for leadership like a P&L. With that in mind, this technique further encourages those in the executive suite to collaborate, co-create and co-ideate. 

We believe the best companies thoroughly plan for and model their business, whether they be for-profit, not-for-profit, or public. Also, our new method might be worthwhile to review as a board member, executive, vice president or company partner. 

The One Page Six Question Document

The one-page six-question strategic planning document is based on the Strategic C.A.S.E. method mentioned above and forms the foundation for this post on the four outcomes. Hence it is required reading, and if you have yet to read the first article, we recommend it. Further, our case studies might be of interest. 

Excellence in Leadership and Organizational Innovation

Our mission is to help leaders and companies find success and excellence by focusing on refining organizational and people intelligence. In other words, we hope our tool allows you to get enhanced clarity about your company. 

Best Practices in Leadership Development, Business Administration and Governance

Knowing what your mission, vision and goals are on the fly is essential for managers and staff. Often these things are identified on an intimate level, in the minds of managers and staff. But, usually, it results in the proverbial broken telephone. No one has the same message exactly.

And so facts about your company that are never declared or written down and shared with teams impact your bottom line negatively. The result is a lack of clarity that impacts upon the culture, operations and strategy of a company. 

But, the best companies spend time regularly to define and clarify what matters. Figuring out what makes your business and value proposition unique, what your workplace standards are, how you manage leadership development, at the least, these three issues represent how a business can be accountable, diligent and transparent.

The Four Important Outcomes

Four Outcomes of the Strategic C.A.S.E. method

Leadership Excellence

We define leadership excellence as a leader who understands servant leadership, the principles of character, emotional intelligence, business intelligence, and how to lead and engage different kinds of people in the right way.

Organizational Alignment

Our definition of Organization alignment originates from our work conducting business and strategy consulting. Alignment results from the hard work to get specific, and declare the discriminating story of an organization. The next step would be to refine strategic plans, decisions about operations, and improve or pivot towards a different culture. 

Successful Governance

We believe those board members and chairpeople given the task of managing an organization are most successful when they not only have the best but the right questions. Having information that readily tells the story about how an organization is doing in terms of performance is vital. 

Corporate Innovation

Every company should spend a small percentage of investment and productivity in R&D. Though, many don't know what to work on. Therefore, the first step of coming up with new ideas is establishing your vision.

Corporate Alignment and Strategic Execution 

The simplicity of avoiding mistakes about what people think a business does at the company at which they work is subtle. One result is higher productivity. Another affects the capacity of strategic plans and retreats. Those participating spend the bulk of time doing what matters because the pivotal work of determining the foundational strategy nurtures and encourages professional proficiency.

Working with the Strategic C.A.S.E. Across Q1 and Q2

  1. Allows a company to complement and contrast past and existing strategy
  2. Encourages novel reports on customers, employees and services
  3. Lays the groundwork to start innovation programs
  4. Creates key guidelines for a more efficient workplace
  5. Puts pressure on leadership to use SMART goals
  6. Transforms governance through policies and procedures 

Looking at the Four Key Outcomes over the Last Five Years


The four outcomes of the Strategic C.A.S.E. technique offers significant value for Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses who are pursuing the challenge of growth, expansion and excellence. As we have shown, our method is incredibly powerful for focusing on people and the organization. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

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