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We Help You Measure What Matters

The instinct as a manager to look at data to inform your decision making is a good one. Managers must deal with strategy, staff and employees, partnerships, sales, clients and more.  Taken together as the what of management, this is the very source of the demand for effective measurement. And, we appreciate that need. 

Measuring things is not the only objective of course. Rather, to make appropriate changes against the context of the positives and negatives in an organization speaks to the approach we teach, of how to create and improve a learning organization. Contact us to learn more about our measurement programs for service companies, and see how they can improve your work inside management, operations, and performance-related tasks. Our programs focus on the results of the campaigns, internal strategies, and new habits we help you create.

About our Firm, the Lambert Strategy Group Ltd.

We have helped our clients address:

  • Working forward for 10x growth,
  • Planning how to become an industry leader,
  • Strengthening a business model and value proposition, 
  • Repositioning a large company in the local marketplace,
  • Delivering research and analysis, through writing for business plans, fundraising, investors and grants. 

We have also helped small business, medium and large private and public businesses, national and chapter associations, schools, retailers, not-for-profits, and others. We are passionate about excellence in people, processes, decision making, and goal discovery.

Helping your Measure What Matters for Your Organization

Leveraging the Leader and the Organization

We help leaders and organizations accomplish more by focusing on organizational intelligence. Our work is a combination of methods both new and old. In real terms, we train and facilitate, put better systems in place, and improve your method of productivity. Changing a leader or a company is hard work, but we love it. Our work is often meaningful when we can help and provide value to our clients.

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