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An Essential Resource for Strategic Planning

The value of mission and vision is that both are incredibly useful for managers. The clarity they offer is vital for the management of the company. Brevity is also essential, so the vision and mission are easy to remember and repeat. 

An Example of the Mission and Value Statement for a Travel Blogger

Lambert Strategy Group Ltd. - Travel Blogger Mission and Vision Statements
Example of a Mission and Vision Statement for a Travel Blogger

Mission: Travelling to the best places on earth and showing you why they are the best of the best.

Vision: We believe there are so many places to travel to, and for that reason, people need an authentic and trusted voice about where to find the best places to visit.

Mission and vision can help to attract the best people and talent. Moreover, mission and vision reflect the kind of processes that are in your company. They are the fundamental ground of a service company. What we do at Lambert Strategy Group is helping you find out how to reshape and refine your vision and mission statements. Doing so enables you to work harder, with more passion, and with more commitment to your work.

Further, the context for strategic planning resides in the conversations at the water cooler, in board meetings and throughout the workweek, where concerns about reputation, leadership, operations, systems, performance, growth, and outside investment all come to the fore.

Worthwhile for Managers

What performance goals do you have? As a CMC member, we add value through management consulting by focusing on two things, your leadership and your organization. You can’t improve one and leave the other behind. 

With that in mind, mission and vision statements speak to what has transpired inside a company, what the intellectual property is, the talent, the competitive advantage. Also, this might be who the customers are, what the value proposition is, or who has invested. A few of these questions are essential to consider when initiating a process to uncover mission and vision. 

Lambert Strategy Group Ltd. - Management Consulting Firm
Revealing your Mission and Vision Can Enable New Passion and Conviction

Why You Need A Better Brainstorming Session  

As well, you need to talk to people and get ideas down on paper, or in the cloud. Everyone works differently. Some prefer analogue systems, like sticky notes and markers; others might enjoy digital whiteboards. In either case, the job for senior managers, their reports, and perhaps mentors is to find a process that establishes a creative dialogue. As an outside consultant, we bring energy and excitement to the process.

At Lambert Strategy Group, we are experienced working with teams, facilitating groups, and getting quintessential topics like that of mission and vision accomplished. Human-centred fields like design thinking, service and business model design, are tangentially useful for the problem of mission and vision statements. Because in each of these fields, including vision and mission, suspending judgement temporarily is critical to prototype new ideas as fast as possible. 

Selecting the Right People for the Dialogue

And, most fundamentally, the more ideas you can make, the better. But where do you begin? The following list of business administration and management domains is a good starting point both from where to draw staff to participate in the conversation and to examine what goes on in the business that speaks to mission and vision:

  1. Customer Service
  2. PR & Marketing 
  3. Manufacturing & Cost of Goods
  4. Sales & Business Development
  5. Website & KM
  6. Research & Development
  7. Operations & Performance
  8. Organizational Culture
  9. Finance & Legal

Mission and vision arise from the practice of serving customers, and for that reason, mission and vision are for every business, regardless of B2C or B2B. 

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