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What is Consulting?

To us, consulting means making your business better than before. That includes you, of course. We also look at your systems, talent, processes and things that represent your company. We want to let more people know about the “what” of the method we use at our firm. Our mission is to help service companies with strategic alignment and organizational execution, hence the reason for the method.

Corporate Excellence

The objective of our consulting is to make the most of the talent and investment you have put into your company. We have a reputation for working with clients that are making an impact in Canada and the United States. Corporate excellence is the goal of our work. As a member of CMC Canada and the Chamber of Victoria, we represent our clients with confidence.

Strategic Alignment

Board members and vice-presidents and chairpeople each have important work together. What is the result, however? How do you sketch what gets done over a year or a few quarters? Knowing how effective a program is might be about effective measurement. Also, how management and staff are accomplishing goals. Mission and vision statements offer much for strategy, or they should. The method speaks to these points and more.

Intelligence and Decision Making

We find that businesses are fascinating to look at from many angles. However too often analyses lack a connection between the back-office and the front-office. Or in other words, organizational knowledge and the culture of an organization isn't connected and linked to either management accounting, strategic planning or governance. Therefore our method speaks to this challenge and can reveal certain things, like how strategies are directed from senior management and might get lost in translation as they are shared across a region or via departments. This is the primary benefit.

Driving Results for Sales & Marketing

The method illustrates a need for systematic thinking, and herein shows the secondary benefit. The method reveals a way to look at the inputs and outputs of a business, as well as historical, contemporary and future forces and concerns. What does productivity look like at your company? Are managers using a system for collaboration? Most likely. Are marketing and sales using a CMS? So what can be said about the shared goals of sales and marketing? 

Building Competency for Leaders

In our experience emotional intelligence is important. Also perhaps how leaders prefer to lead. As a consequence of this, a third benefit of the method focused on leadership development emerges. The Strategic Case method can help you to see how leaders and executives are performing vis a vis alignment. Also, in an applied manner for organizations that have leadership development programs the method invokes consideration of how programs are evaluated. Indeed, this method offers diverse perspectives on the structure of, and what is impacting the organization, such as:

  1. Organizational Intelligence 
  2. Marketplace Opportunities 
  3. Business Systems & Processes 
  4. Talent Management & Leadership Development 
  5. Strategic Planning & Evaluation
  6. Brand Marketing & Sales
  7. Management, Investment & Risk Accounting
  8. R & D
  9. Decision Making 

Getting clear on the last point, the main objective of the method is to encourage our customers to make the best decisions about their corporation with due diligence about their company. And also, allowing the leadership working on a business to possess something like a P&L sheet for the corporation in terms of strategic planning is worthwhile. So, both senior management and a new hire would find the product of the method thoughtful and easy to understand. Sharing the intelligence you have for your strategic program is the best thing you can have in order to reach excellence in your business as a manager.

A New Method for Management Consulting

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What does the C.A.S.E acronym mean?

Recalling the original purpose of the method during the phase of its creation, the objective of the method is to help companies with strategic planning, operations and performance management, by creating benchmarks to show improvements in the business over time, like a P&L sheet. The acronym stands for the following:

C Corporate
A Alignment
S Strategic
E Execution

Aspiring to Excellence

The research has shown that when a company achieves strategic alignment effectiveness increases in visible terms. What gets accomplished in terms of strategy, planning and operations is crucial and should be improved by rather than limited by strategic planning, board governance, and leadership development, as mentioned above. That is the value of alignment and its impact on execution. Also, what occurs over the short-term on the ground is similarly vital in terms of what can be predicted and planned for in focused management thinking.  Also further questions to refine mission, vision and value proposition are essential. 

But, what this means is really the first lever to pull in strategic planning. The second lever is offered by the method which shows seemingly disparate departments of a corporation are connected like sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and technology  As we have shown above there are at least three benefits to our method, and perhaps there are more.

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We offer free assessments to people interested in working with us. If you have questions about how this method applies to your business contact us. As well, if you want to receive more information about how to apply this method, do scan the blog and our services while you are here. Our mission is to help leaders and organizations achieve greater strategic alignment and execution on short ( 90-day) and long-term ( 2 and 5-year) objectives.

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