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What is a Chief Customer Officer; and why you need one

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Avi Lambert

CCO: Chief Customer Officer

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss, a pioneer and expert in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) says that in order to have a successful organization, businesses must “put the customer at the center of the business and unite the leadership team in a one company way of thinking about growing differently... And they must also think about growing by focusing on that customer’s life.” In other words, the business landscape is changing and in order to capture a customer’s attention you must personalize their experience with a brand. Having an individual in charge of customer’s experience at a c-suite level is important because it empowers the executive to take charge and implement programs aimed at making the customer’s experience the primary focus.

"The business landscape is changing and in order to capture a customer’s attention you must personalize their experience with a brand."

Being a storyteller is essential for the role of CCO. Customer stories and perspectives that are grounded in data, can help the CCO build broad empathy for customers' lives.

This helps convey the severity of a customer issue, or, highlight an opportunity in which a business can take advantage of the situation. Traditional methods are no longer the standard in the digital age.

Videos, immersive and interactive experiences, and even tangible items can be much more engaging, memorable and impactful for the customer.

Telling a story with multiple elements is essential for capturing a customer’s attention because it creates a multidimensional experience.

As mentioned, the world is rapidly changing into a digitally focused environment. Brands must adapt their approach to be one that customers actually want.

Companies are making huge investments in omni-channel experiences that bring digital ease to people's lives and keep brands relevant amid changing customer expectations.

The CCO brings the customer voice front and center of any project.

Through working closely with the digital team and a wide net of other key stakeholders, CCOs can ensure the company is designing, testing, refining, delivering and marketing experiences customers actually desire.

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